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Hair Growth, If you’re trying to make your hair longer and thicker the process may seem to take all day. Hair grows by about 6 inches every year as per the American Academy of Dermatology Association However, often this growth seems to be minimal particularly when you consider that most people shed 50 to 100 hairs per day.

It’s true that for women with certain types of hair, enviably long hair is something that is a thing that happens overnight but for us, tweaking some aspects of our everyday haircare routine is a must. This could mean applying hair styling tips, using a new hairbrush or adjusting the frequency you make use of hair dryers, adjusting the frequency of use for your hairdryer and adding foods to help your hair grow faster or adding adding a vitamin to your regimen, or sleeping on the silk-lined pillowcase (yes it really is) There are quick hair growth techniques and remedies at home that make hair grow thicker.

Learn these top ways to grow hair fasternaturally, naturally:

1. Get frequent trims.

It’s a bit counterintuitive Although it may sound counterintuitive, if you’re trying to get longer hair that’s healthy, it’s best to regularly trim your hair. “While haircuts won’t cause your hair to grow quicker, they remove split ends which damage your hair,” explains Michael Duenas, a celebrity hairstylist at Aloxxi located in Los Angeles. ” Eliminating the breakage makes it appear as if hair growth is more quickly.” After all split ends broken can result in your hair becoming shorter -as well as the volume, shine and smoothness.

2. Make sure you eat the right food.

A strong, long-lasting hair isn’t only dependent on the products you apply to your hair. It is also dependent on the food you consume in your body. “To encourage hair growth, you must feed hair from within,” explains Francesca Fusco, M.D., a dermatologist from NYC. What foods can help hair grow faster? Protein-rich foods, which is the primary ingredient in hair, such as meats, as well as other sources of. ” Try increasing your protein intake by eating beans, fish as well as nuts and whole grains,” she recommends.

Even even if you’re not a meat eater however, it’s important to have a diet that is rich in protein to help grow hair. Women who aren’t getting enough protein often suffer from “more hair loss,” Dr. Fusco advises. Along with foods rich in proteins and vitamins C, A and Eas well as minerals such as iron and zinc, as well as omega-3 fatty acids also help to create better hair according to according to the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Nutrition Lab advises.

Beware of the latest “cleanses” because of a variety of reasons. “Doing cleansing is bad for your hair since you’re denying your body essential nutrients” Duenas warns. “After cleansing even for an entire week, you’ll notice slowing hair growth and drab locks.”

3. Include a hair-healthy vitamin into the a.m. ritual.

If your diet doesn’t provide your body with enough nutrients A supplement can be a huge difference. “Look for an multivitamin that’s been formulated and marked “for skin, hair and nails'” Dr. Fusco recommends. “Those have important vitamins like biotin, C and B, which can help improve healthy hair.” Benefit: You could have better skin as a result.

4. Wash less often and hydrate more.

” Shampooing your hair only two or three times per week allows the natural oils in your hair which allows it to replenish and hydrate its own hair,” explains Paves. If you want hair that is fuller and more dense quick, pick shampoos that are labeled “volumizing” as well as “thickening. “

Covering your hair with a smooth thick conditioner, or a hair mask frequently can assist in preventing damage and detangling hair, as per GH Beauty Lab pros. Apply a store-bought hair mask or diy hair mask from beginning to end once a weekly basis: The one with the cinnamon can increase blood circulation and stimulate stronger, longer hair growth in a matter of minutes according to Liana Zingarino, hairdresser from Serge Normant’s John Frieda Salon in New York City.

5. Take the bleach off.

As elegant in the way platinum hair appears, changing from a darker hue to a light blonde can be the difference between you and your most long-lasting hair. “When the cuticle on the hair has been damaged by bleach and hair loss, you could experience more split ends or breakage,” explains Elizabeth Hiserodt the head colorist of Cutler Salon located in New York City. “The less chemical treatments you use that you use, the better hair growth. “

6. Avoid excessive heat styling.

“Stop excessively styling your hair,” advises Ken Paves, an acclaimed hairstylist from LA. If you have to make use of heat, he advises lower the temperature, and employing an protective product against heat in the event that you do you could damage hair and causing breaking or frizz.

7. Brush hair regularly.

Dozing off with not brushed hair can be appealing when you’re exhausted, however, applying just a few strokes could be beneficial to your scalp and hair wellbeing. “Starting at the scalp, apply boar bristles to distribute your scalp’s oil evenly across your hair to ensure it is naturally well-hydrated,” recommends Meri Kate O’Connor the senior stylist at Tabb & Sparks Salon located in Santa Monica, CA. Benefit: This easy step every night will also help improve circulation, which will keep your scalp healthy.

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8. Make sure your showers are cooler and pay attention to scalp maintenance.

A hot shower could dry out your skin and is also hard on hair. ” Turn the water temperature to a lower temperature when you wash,” recommends Paves and also give your hair some extra attention. Massage your fingertips while you shampoo to thoroughly cleanse and improve circulation.

9. Protect your hair from physical injury.

Hair is more prone to breaking when wet and therefore, it is recommended to detangle hair prior to brushing it. “Water exposure expands and compresses the hair’s shaft. This creates a shingle-like outer layer to rise, and the added stress from brushing in this state could cause breaking,” says Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab senior chemical chemist Sabina Wizemann.

If you need to untangle hair while wet make sure you do it in the correct method to apply an leave-in conditioner from ends to roots and then use a soft, detangling brush or comb with a wide tooth to lessen friction. Work starting at the ends and working upwards in small sections to avoid tears in hair, Wizemann advises.

10. You can rest on a silk pillowcase.

The process of getting improved hair overnight getting better hair overnight is feasible all you need is to swap out your pillowcase. ” Silk is less damaging to hair and will help you avoid breakage and tangles,” says Jesleen Ahluwalia, M.D., dermatologist from Spring Street Dermatology in NYC. The less hair breakage you experience the longer your hair will last. They’re actually so excellent that they’re the Good Housekeeping Institute even conducted whole study to identify the most silky pillowcases.

The Best Hair Growth Oils 2022

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1Indulekha Bringha Oil₹210
2UrbanBotanics® Cold Pressed Castor Oil₹199
3Biotique Bio Bhringraj Therapeutic Hair Oil₹103
4USTRAA Hair Growth Vitalizer₹1,006
5Urbangabru Ayurvedic Jadibuti Hair Oil₹349
6OLIXO Onion Black Seed Hair Oil₹199
7Mars By GHC Onion Hair Growth Oil₹399
9Sotrue Onion Hair Oil₹399
10mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil ₹359
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