How to invest in mutual funds And Make money online 2023

How to invest in mutual funds And Make money online 2023

The concept of mutual fund investing can be a bit complicated for investors who are new to the market because it can be sometimes confusing. Understanding the way mutual funds operate is the initial step on the investment process.

It is possible to invest as little as Rs 500 into mutual funds through SIP that might not be feasible with other investments. There are many mutual funds to choose from, and you can invest in funds that have investment goals and risk levels align with your risk-response profile.

What is the procedure for Mutual Funds work

The term “mutual fund” is created by an asset management company (AMC) pool the investments of a variety of individuals and institutional investors, with similar investment goals. A fund manager is a professional who manages the investment pool by investing strategically in securities to maximize profits for investors in keeping with the investment objectives of the fund.

Fund managers are experts with a proven track record in managing investments. They also are knowledgeable of the market. The fund houses have an expense ratio that is the annual cost to manage the mutual fund.

The investors earn money via regular dividends/interest as well as capital appreciation. They may opt to reinvest their capital gains using an option for growth or to earn an income that is steady through the use of the dividend option. You can click below to get a better understanding of the most frequently used terms within the field of mutual funds.

Why do you need to consider investing in Mutual Funds


The process of investing with Mutual Funds is simple and without paper. Investors can track the market and invest in accordance with their needs. Furthermore changing between different mutual funds or the rebalancing of portfolios assists in keeping the returns within expectations.

Initial investment low

You can build a broad mutual fund portfolio investing as little as Rs 500 per month with an SIP within mutual fund plans you like. There is also the option to invest in either lump sums or as through a systematic plan of investment (SIP). In contrast to lump sum investments SIP can help lower the cost of investing as well as allowing for the potential of compounding benefits.


Tax deductions are available in accordance with Section 80C under the IT Act to an amount of 1.5 lakh per year for certain financial instruments. Tax-saving mutual funds are among these. Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) is now an increasingly popular option to save taxes for Indians over the past few years due to its higher yields and the shortest lock-in time of just three years in the options under Section 80C.

Professional managing funds

Your investments in mutual funds are overseen by a fund manager who is a professional supported by a group of researchers. The fund manager develops the investment plan for your allocation of assets. The research team selects appropriate securities based on the fund’s objectives for investment.

How to Invest in Mutual Funds

You can make investments into mutual funds non-paper and easy way at ClearTax. Follow these easy steps to begin your journey of investing today:

  • Step 1. Sign in at and create an investment account.
  • Step 2. Input all requested information.
  • Step 3. Complete your e-KYC and the entire process can be completed within five minutes.
  • step 4:Invest into the correct mutual funds

How can I invest into mutual funds online in India?

You can invest directly with the house of mutual funds by using directly through the plan. All you have to do is visit the site of mutual funds and enter your details, including name, email address as well as mobile and bank information.

You can complete the KYC online via eKYC where you input your Aadhaar and PAN information. Your details will be checked at the backend , and you can begin making investments in mutual funds once you have transferred funds online from your banking account.

You can also invest via an online platform like cleartax invest

  • Log on to clear tax invest
  • Select your mutual fund company from the drop-down list of fund houses.
  • Choose one mutual fund plan that is based on your investment goals and risk tolerance, then click on Invest now
  • You have to select the amount you intend for your investment in the fund as well as the investment method as either one Time or Monthly SIP.
  • It is necessary to fill in the necessary information such as name email ID, phone number, and then complete the transaction.

How can I put money into International Mutual Funds?

You can invest in International Mutual Funds directly through an AMC in India. The AMC will be an Indian mutual fund scheme that invests in the stocks of foreign-owned companies. But, you can think about fund of funds scheme which include foreign mutual funds, or that have portfolios that resemble an index of the stock market like that of the Nasdaq 100, or S&P 500.

You can make investments into International Mutual Funds through an online platform like cleartax invest.

  • Log in to Cleartax invest
  • Choose your mutual fund house on the list of mutual fund houses.
  • Choose the International Mutual Fund under the category of ‘Equity’ according to your investment goals and risk tolerance, then click on Invest right now.
  • Choose the amount you want for the International mutual fund, and then select the investment method for investment is One Time as well as SIP.


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